How do you print with now raft?

ZSuite is proprietary software and there is no option to print without a raft.

How do you print with now raft?

Hey there slim6072

We do not support printing without raft, becouse it doesn't give you the adequate adhesion of the model to the working table, therefore the quality of the bottom part of the print is not high enough.

I have another explanation:

The reason to print with raft is, that it separates the print object from the perf board.

The perf board gives better adhesion for prints but if printing directly on it it would give a nasty bottom surface to the printed object.

Finally there is no option to print without raft because Zortrax don't want it to exist. Such an option would be useful for different kind of prints that Zortrax does not think of or don't want to happen at all.

i would like to see the option because i want to use my own rafts.

i use programs that allow me to put supports where i want to and create my own rafts.

maybe if i was allowed to customize or delete supports i wouldn't need the option for no rafts...just  a thought to make my life eaiser !!

Hey there buster20

As it goes about the turning off the Raft, we're not planning to implement this option. Parameters for every raft are beeing set individually for every material to achieve the most stable foundations and reduce strain so you could easily separate the printout.

We're planning to add the manual support edition option in the future, but it won't be present in any of the nearest updates.

If you are using your own support edition programs, you can simply export your model along with the support into .stl file and turn off the support generation option in Z-suite.

I hope that helps.




slim are you talking about supports from meshmixer or from another app?

THANKS for your response..

i use meshmixer and magics..