Rattling banging noise from m300 dual

my M300 dual is making a strange banging ,rattling metal on metal noise that appears to be coming from the back of the machine
its printing fine but as its brand new and cost me £4000 I’m a bit concerned
anybody else had this?

Please, record a short video with this noise.
We’ll look into that.

I had the same issue.
In my case it was the material spool which is pretty heavy and due to the friction to the holder there appeared that sound.
I just wrapped a small piece of paper around the holder and it was gone. Of course, that was a quick fix :slight_smile:

no its more than that
I have printed a fully bearing raced spool holder that runs as smooth as a smooth thing …
so it isn’t the spool crashing about this is a metal on metal clank it doesn’t happen all the time but it is there ill try and video the issue

i fixed my banging rattling noise it has to do with the person that builds the hot end for Zortrax some mating parts are not aligned properly which cause the filament not to get feeded properly , i fixed this issue and my printer does not make that noise anymore
p.s. this would not have happened if Zortrax has a Quality Control person
Hector Portillo

is this something you printed or…mine makes a really loud popping sound as the spool slides on the holder, I need a bearing of sorts, or just a piece of HPPE strip or something that slides easily

The problem with this sound is a chronic problem with the 300 spool holder. This is a problem since M300.
I kept asking Zortrax to fix this, but they don’t fix this.