Rattling sound?

My printer started developing rattling sounds a few days ago while printing. Its getting worse by the hour. See video below.

Im guessing some types of screws are loose, but there are many. Any thoughts on where I should check (or what else it could be)?



Send the recording to support, I've had a similar noise and they asked me to send back the printer to get it fixed. I've received it back today and there is no noise...for know ;)

I've got a similar rattle, almost a screech on fast, short moves along the Y axis and just emailed support about, referencing this thread.  Thanks to ikatz for posting the video.


Could it be that your extruder fan is hitting the guard attached to it. you can try to loosen the guard or readjust it. Mine has a "similar" sound, and it is from the fan. Yours might be more serious.

That's what support said. I disconnected and connected the fan again and the rattling is gone for now.. maybe its something I moved while doing it, have no idea why its gone, but happy :)