Reading print parameters from ZCode files?

Is there a way to read the parameters used to specify the print in the ZCode file that is created by ZSuite?

If there isn't, could that be added as a feature for somewhere down the road?


We'll add this in Z-Suite 0.0.8 - within few days it will be available.

looking forward to the new Z-Suite :)  you think we can expect no more 'seams' in this coming release? or is it still early for that?

evilmaul: 2 type of seam will be available in ZSuite 0.0.9, we don't want lengthen the lead time for updates, and all new features are added in batches.

Thanks Zortrax :) Did you add new layer resolution in ZSuite 0.0.8 or 0.0.9 ?

cool! thanks for the update. I guess you will explain what the 2 types mean when the release will be available?!

We'll add this in Z-Suite 0.0.8 - within few days it will be available.

Thanks - that would be great!

Is it developed now?

Can I read the ZCODEX file now (zsuit updated on mar 2019).

Can we edit the codex?

Hi @abhaymi2.
As this topic was created 5 years ago, I believe it was about print settings visible after reopening the .zcode file in Z-SUITE. They are visible in the right panel after of Z-SUITE and they can be saved as .txt file while saving a .zcode file.
It is not possible to edit a .zcode or .zcodex files.

Thanks Marta for the quickest response.

I want to edit some of the unseen parameters like infill pattern, top and bottom layers to be zero pcs and so on.

Can I do this by some means.

It’s not possible to edit existing .zcode file.
The options you’ve mentioned are available in advanced print settings and can be adjusted before slicing the file.

Ok. I understand.
Thanks again.