Reboot during Print


During printing, my M200 Plus often reboots after some printing-time. No errors are found…simply rebooting without any reason.
Firmware is 2.2.3

I couldn’t verify it, but I think it wasn’t in earlier FW’s

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Hi Daniel,

Please, open the bottom plate and check all the connections (motherboard, Android PCB, LCD transfer board - the screw securing this element should be tight). If the problem persists - send us a video via support form or contact your reseller.

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I double check the hardware - nothing. I could’nt print anything until the end…after about a time near 30 minutes the printer reboots without any mistake shown in the logs.
Video ist difficult, because you won’t know exactly, when it will reboot


The same here. Not every time, but maybe 3 out of 10. Different models.
It started April 9, after upgrading to firmware 2.2.3.
The M200 Plus was purchased November 2019 and has worked well for 300h.
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Downgrading to 2.2.2 did not help - the same happened again.
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I downgraded to 2.1.4 AND changed the main cable to the printer. Today the print over 3 hours worked for me…the first since one week. The last 8 prints haven’t finished because of the reboot


Hi dklueh,
Main cable? 230 V?


Yes, the 230V main cable to the printer.