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Nizzy, was the "Recent Posts" column removed or did I hide it by mistake?  If it's hidden how can I show it again?  I still see the "Recent Topics" column but not the other.  I can hide Topics column and bring it back but not the Posts one.  



I just checked and it does look like you can remove the column. As a quick check try Ctrl+F5 to fully refresh the page, but otherwise just clearing your browser cookies and reloading the page should do it.


Thanks LabRat!  Refreshing the page didn't work but clearing the cookies did.  

Now I just need to find some more cookies because I'm still hungry..  :lol:


Well that's weird.. Now it's missing again!  After clearing the cookies I had to sign on again, but when I did the "Recent Posts" disappeared again!   :unsure:   



can You show a screenshot? Which browser and system You are using?


I have screenshot in shoutbox. Win7 64 Firefox.


ok, I've got this case. Working on...

Edit: problem solved.


Thanks!  Its back again.  :)