Recommended Firmware for M200 V4


on my M200 device is the firmware 1.0.5 installed. I use the last version of Z-Suite ( )

is in this combination possible to print PETG and PLA ? Or is it neccessary to update the device firmware to 1.2.x ?

Best Regards

Hello @semperit,

1.0.5 is a really old firmware version, the newest one is 1.3.1. It is recommended to keep the firmware up-to-date. Have you tried to upgrade the firmare? You will find necessary files here. Try with 1.2.0 first. You need to copy update.bin file and copy it onto a formatted (FAT32) SD card - there should not be any other files on the card. Once you restart the device - it should recognize the update file.

Still, if the printer recognizes .zcode files sliced in the newest Z-SUITE - there should not be any major problem while printing these models.

Best regards