red ABS is more like pink

Hi, i nave noticed that the red ABS spool is more like pink once printed. Do you have similari results? How the others colours looks like after the printing process?

Hi, slightly fluorescent pink candy ...

They should work on that color I have received several complaints about it.

What is your experience on the others colours? I am planning to buy some green, but which one? the lighter or the darker?

Go with the darker one. I'm sure android green is too shiny. I ordered Green and it is in the same specs as red kind of fluorescent.

I printed screwless_heart_gears with darker green Z-ABS filament. I could not help imagining green soybeans. It was yellow-green.

Lighter green ( android green ) Z-ABS filament is fluorescent. That filament radiates light green with UV lamp and it is very thin green in normal light. I printed frogs but I found that I should have used soybean green ( commented above ) .

Thanks, is it possible to have a couple of picture fot both the green colours? (Real print)... I'm about to make the order.. thanks!

Red ABS is candy pink when printed. I believe the effect is partly due to different light scattering & reflection (and to some extent sub-surface scattering) introduced by the surface quality of the printed objects. 

Android green is very light and I have had some problems with it, especially burn marks. I started noticing it more after 0.0.8 upgrade. The extra 10degrees might have something to do with it... 

I only have android green and here's a print :)

I don't like the Android green but the darker one it's beautiful!!!

Just found this, got some red and it is still VERY pink. Zortrax team is anyone looking into this?

Did you bought this filament from reseller or directly from Zortrax store?

I print three prints with "red". During print and when light(blue) is turn on is totally pink.

But when you will take print to sun light or white light is more bright red but it is still not a red colour.

Yellow and black is really nice one.