Reduced height on V1 Zsuite to 180 mm

I was trying to get a part done, and after scaling to 181 mm the part turned red.

Why suddenly the height is reduced to 180?

Platform V2 are thicker than the V1 platform, in the free time we'll check whether the addition of a platform model selection is possible.

Personally I think V2 platform is better, being thicker reduces warping a lot. But more trouble for users to get it leveled correctly on large models because it doesn't bend.

But this confirms that due to platform, now the Zortrax reduced it's maximum height to 180 mm. Maybe better because some users reported several issues when working at maximum 185 mm

You could always shorten the nozzle... ;)

You could always enlarge Z Axis.. ;)

You could always enlarge Z Axis.. ;)

Yes, but as long as z-suite stops at 180mm ...