Refill Inventure cartridges

Hi folks,
as I have had problems with a cartridge running out of material earlier than expected and when searching this forum for others having the same problem to get help I discovered some questions like: Isn’t it possible to refill the cartridge? Interested? Let’s have a look.
The Inventure printer uses a NFC chip located on the back side of the cartridge. Here all informations about the material within the cartridge is stored. The printer reads and alter it, eg if it adjust the value of the remaining material after print. The NFC chip is a Mifare classic 1K chip which is often used and easy to handle. You will find a lot of information about in the internet. If you own a smartphone which is able to talk to mifare classic chips you are on the best way to refill your cartridges if you want to. If your smartphone is not, there are NFC reader which can do the job as well.
If you have an empty cartridge, try it to alter the content of the NFC to initial value.

It’s a pity I cannot attach a pdf so I have to paste all text:

How-to refill the model or support cartridge suitable for Zortrax Inventure
With your smartphone which should be able to talk to mifare classic NFC chips take a first read from
the chip located on the backside of the cartridge (round Zortrax label). I use the MIFARE Classic Tool
You will get the four-byte serial number of the chip if select TOOLS then Display Tag Info
In my case it’s: 05:81:5D:D4.
Now you have to calculate the key you need to read and write data from and to the chip.
For this take an online CRC calculator like sunshine or another one else. Calculate a CRC8_DVB_S2
In my case the CRC is 0x61.
The key is a 6-byte expression which has to been built with the CRC value in the step before and
XORed with the value
keyA: 0x4C 0x27 0x12 0x77 0x20 0x50 in my case: 0x2D 0x46 0x73 0x16 0x41 0x31
From the MCT main menu select EDIT/ADD KEY FILE. Use the plus sign to create a new one. Name it,
tap on OK. The file will be opened to insert the calculated key. Tap on the diskette symbol to save.
Take a second READ TAG, but now select your key file you just created. You will see the dump file.
Sector: 1 shows you the fix values for your filament in the cartridge. Type, colour, the length of
filament initial filled in and some more. The 5th, 6th and 7th byte value starting at 0 position is the
initial length you have to copy. It’s a little bit heavy to see I will take my example:
00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07
11 E2 07 0C 12 9C 78 02
Sector: 2 shows you the actual value of your filament remaining in the cartridge. Paste the initial
value in the location 00 01 02 . When done, there is a CRC byte at the end of this line. Calculate the
CRC8_DVB_S2 from these three bytes and put it in the position 15. If this is not correct, the printer
will not load the cartridge.
My example:
00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 0A 0B 0C 0D 0E 0F
9C 78 02 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 49
Tap on the diskette symbol to save your changes to the dump file.
Now you are ready to WRITE TAG. Select the radio button Write Dump (Clone), select the dump file
you want to write, select Sector 2 only and tap on OK.
To verify, load the cartridge into the printer. The printer now should show 350g/350g again.
Now it’s time to open the cartridge and perform the difficult stuff – winding.
Enjoy the refilled cartridge


I agree, these cartridges should be refilled and re-used. If you don’t that’s 450g of waste plastic (cartridge and reel) for every 350g of filament.

Zortrax should implement this feature in the Inventure firmware allowing users to refill the cartridge then reset the RFID tag from the screen menu. Built in RFID system can both read and write tags so wouldn’t have thought it would be a problem. Don’t think this will happen though, I think the Inventure is on its way out!

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I would like that too. Now that Zortrax stopped selling the Cartridges, please allow to reset the cartridges. Saves the environment and is a nice thing for the guys who bought the printer and now can not buy the cartridges anymore. Yes external spools work, but its far from a clean solution to feed the printer from those. Please do not ignore your inventure customers.

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Zortrax are still selling 350g filament spools, the same as in the Inventure cartridges. They should supply a replacement RFID tag with these so that owners can refill and re-use their cartridges.

The Inventure has extra filament feeder motors which reduce the strain on the extruder. These are only operational when you use cartridges.

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Thank you very much for these very interesting explanations.

I try to follow your instructions, it’s ok until the part to calculate the CRC8_DVB_S2.

But I am blocking on this part:

The key is a 6-byte expression which has to been built with the CRC value in the step before and
XORed with the value
keyA: 0x4C 0x27 0x12 0x77 0x20 0x50 in my case: 0x2D 0x46 0x73 0x16 0x41 0x31

Where can you find this keyA ? I don’t see it in Mifare Classic Tool.

“XORed” means to do an XOR operation with the keyA and the CRC8_DVB_S2 value ?

Thank you in advance for your help,


Hello Sebastien,
the Mifare Classic has some sections. For each there is a keyA and keyB giving the rights for the data area.
The serial number of each cartridge is unique like the key you need to read or alter the content. From whom the printer know all the keys? - He calculates. So he takes the NFC serial numer, build the CRC and XOR it with the fix values I wrote above 0x4C 0x27 0x12 0x77 0x20 0x50. The result is the requested key which is needed to change values you ever want.
Feel free to send me a PN if you need more information about.

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