Removing print from bed

Hello, I use Z-ASA Pro for rather large prints (15x11cm) that are used on a product outside. I chose this material for its UV resistance, although the final aspect isn’t the best available.
My problem is to remove the model from the bed: it’s very very difficult.
And quite dangerous using the knife.
Is there a trick to make the model stick a bit less ? I know that usually we are seeking the opposite, but in this case not !
I just changeg the perforated bed and with a new one, it’s even more difficult.
Actually I have to pass the bed and the model in the freezer…

Maybe I could change of material, but the ASA is the recommended one for outdoor applications, and the material must be white (i.e. no PETG).

Thanks in advance !

Hi, @Chonum.

As recommended in our instruction for removing the print, you should wait about 30 minutes before taking it of the platform.

Besides, do you use the newest firmware and software?

Hello Marta, I do wait till the bed is cold, and I use the lastest software.
But on a quite large print like this one, it’s just not enough.
Can a change some layer distance or something ?

You can change platform offset (available in the menu) or platform-raft gap (available in Z-SUITE, see picture below) to increase the distance between platform and raft. I advice that you start with small value (0.05) to see whether it helps.

Apart from that, make sure that your platform is properly calibrated. Do you have such issue with other materials as well?