Repairing perforated board

Hello all, some of us have experienced that the nozzle for various reasons hit the nickel(?) plated squares hard on the perf. board, making deep holes. I luckily managed to fix this rather cheaply, as I am a stingy bastard, with some easy available tools. You need aluminium foil, the thin stuff you use for food etc. and some superglue. Take a small corner of the foil, approx 5x5 mm (depending on the size of the hole), and roll it into a ball. The ball needs to be as hard as you are able to make it, as the nozzle will hit it occasionally, and it should not compress too much. Apply some superglue into the hole, use the tweezers from your Zortrax toolkit and drop it into the hole. Turn the tweezers around and use the blunt end to press it into the hole. The ball should be a little oversize for the hole as you will compress it when using the tweezers. Let the glue harden, and rub the top off with emery cloth. To my surprise, it actually works, and the perf. board is again in working condition.

John Tangerås

Nice to read. 

I fixed mine by drilling a small hole through the plate on the dent and camfer both sides so the hole looks like this:

__     ____

    \   /

     | | 

__/   \___

Then I took a small piece of copper wire, a bit longer than the plate thickness and hit it flat with a hamer and a flat steel rod. The copper flattened and filled both camfered sides making it stay in place.

It still holds and works after more than 200 hours of printing.