Replacement allen screws for heated bed


Lately I have noticed that the some of the 16 screws of the heated bed are loosing their hexagonal shape on the head. That causes the allen key to have troubles when tightening them, and I've been thinking of getting some replacement screws. Are these screws exclusive from Zortrax? What is their measure? Can I get them somewhere? I would be screwed if not.

Do you not have problems with this? I couldn't find any topic related. Thanks for your advice!

These are M3 countersunk head / flat head allen screws. Their length is 6mm you can find them anywhere and they are very cheap. I recommend you buy a better quality allen key too as this one provided by zortrax does not have a good grip in the hexagonal slot of the screw. Usually this is the main reason of damaged screw heads.

Replace with torx screw. They are much harder to cam out, easier on tool, and more quickly align with the tool.

Hello, we can sell you the whole platform screws set. Its 9$ + shipping costs.

Thanks everybody! I already replaced the allen key provided and works much better. I'll try to look for the screws here in Madrid, but in case I am not able to find them I will purchase them from you.directly.


Lucia - any decent industrial supply store should be able to supply those screws and there must be at least one in or near Madrid.