Replacement Part for Refrigerator

My sales manager came to me on Friday with a broken part from the ice cube dispenser on his fridge.  He said he can't buy a replacement part so I said no problem, the Zortrax will make light work of that! 

The part is 25mm high and 16.8mm Dia but has some tricky features.

40 minutes to model in SolidWorks

46 minutes print time.

0.09mm Layer thickness

20% fan

20 degree support.

The support material was a bit tricky to remove.  You can see the stress marks from where the support material was removed but all in all a good print with most dimensions to +/-0.1mm of model!

Nice work Jay !  Was that with 0.0.8 or earlier software ?

40 minutes to model that in SW, you are a wiz! Did it fit first time? ;)

Hey Wilsonj,

It was with 0.0.8 software and latest firmware update.

Hey Julia,

I use SolidWorks at work and I have a digital caliper at home so this sort of stuff I'm very use to doing.  This part has quite a few features so took a bit of time to measure and model but it's nice to do something that has a practical application.

The part will be fitted on Monday so we will see if it fits and works as the original! 

It would have taken me at least a few hours to model and at least three trial prints to get it right :)

Thanks Julia,

I think I had a bit of luck on my side with this print.  It just seemed to come out right first time and I am very pleased with how close it is to the original part although I should have mentioned it took me around 30 minutes to carefully remove the support material! :)

Measure twice.. print once... lol  Great job by the way.. Can't wait to see if it works.. Keep us up to date!!

Hi Kyle,

I completely agree.  Sometimes I measure more than twice :)

The part was fitted last night and fits perfectly.  The refrigerator is now happily dispensing ice.

I'd say this was a much cheaper alternative to buying a new fridge!