Request for new features to entire software and specifications for Inventure


General functions that should be added:
• Infill and dynamic perimeters. From one layer to another with an infill percentage, from another layer to another with a different percentage. This can be useful for reinforcing certain areas, saving time and material
• Multiple files with different infill.
(As Prusa Slicer in practice, their source code is public, it would be enough to do the same reasoning)

For Inventure: (Important for those who only have Support Plus supplies and do not have Support Premium)
• Include SUPPORT PLUS again, as it is impossible to use the latest software of V2.11
• The 0.09mm layer where it was previously present is missing

For all Dual Extruders
• Soluble dynamic substrates + printing material. Possibility to choose simultaneously in the same object which supports to make all soluble and which to make only the contact interface. (It would lead to a saving of soluble material) Because where I can remove the support by hand only soluble interface but maybe in the same print I have an inaccessible cavity and there they must all be made in soluble.