Reset bed heater at end of print - when?

Is Zortrax working on an update that will reset the bed heater at the end of a print?  That seems like a simple feature to add and it is annoying to have to shut the printer down just to reset the bed heater.


True.. But I'll take over leaving the heater on all night when print is done.. :)

It’s so stupidly easy to fix that it should have been done way back. It’s done in every other software available and they are free ! It is a simple command in the print code that switches the bed on before printing and off again at the end. When the next print file is selected it switches the bed heater back on again before printing.

Simples :slight_smile:

Just fyi: for larger/flat prints, the bed heater needs to remain ON for a while after printing if you want a slower cool-down process.

Otherwise you run a greater risk of warping.

But yeah, there should be a better way to start another print than re-setting the whole machine.

The Up! Plus 2 handles it really well with an extra setting in the print options to cover exactly the point you highlighted Josh - it’s a setting to select the amount of time after the print has finished to leave the bed heater on before it switches back off - allowing a more gradual cool down and the option to remove the raft before the part is totally cool (if wanted).

J :slight_smile:

I hope they come up with some sort of simple fix soon.  I started printing a second job after the 1st one was done and didn't realize the bed heater was off until I noticed that the parts were just popping off the bed.

+1 to jayceekeys suggestion. I've defaulted to resetting the machine every time I do anything (filament change, new print, updating sd card) just cause I never know if the print bed would heat up or not. 

This feature would definitely help instill a little more confidence in the machine for newcomers, instead of trying to do two prints and then realizing the bed isn't on for the second print *facepalm*.