Resin finder - finding the right printing parameters

I’m printing with different external resins and I’m having issues finding the right parameters. It would be nice if we could use an application like I found for another printer

Please have a look, it would be very helpful.

Hi @last.

Thank you, I’ll look into that :slight_smile:

As for the external resins, I suggest that you ask other users, as some of them might have been using the same ones.

Thank you for the answer @Marta
Unfortunately it seems there aren’t many users active yet… :persevere:
The only thing I can do is looking other printer’s discussions and try to figure out Inkspire parameters.
I really hope you will support this printer for long time

We have released it recently, so no need to worry about supporting Inkspire :slight_smile:
Community of Inkspire users is growing, so hopefully, you will be able to exchange some settings with others soon :slight_smile:

In the meanwhile I’m searching here and there for tips. Can you tell me how many Watts my lcd screen have?

I’m sorry, but we do not provide such information. All available specifications are listed on our website.