Resizing problem with Z-Suite on Macbook Pro, anybody?

I am not being able to tell the Z-Suite software to resize my models by "x" % or to "y" size as I used to. I had not updated my Z-Suite and was still using v 0.0.2 and now I am using the latest 0.0.8 but I lost functionality instead of gaining it :-(
Upon clicking the "resize" toolbar button the parameters table simply does not show. (Same thing happens with the moving button, it does not show the parameters table).
This lets me resize objects only by dragging the mouse, which makes it next to impossible to create relatively big objects consisting of more than one piece that cannot be printed simultaneously.
Has anybody faced a similar problem?
Thanks in advance for any light shed on this matter!

I've got the same :(

Can you screenshot it? I think I had the same problem on Windows 7.. I had to change a setting.

You bet.

Not much to see, but here it is:


resizing problem.png

Oh.. it doesn't open the other window.. Mine opened only about half of the window.. Sorry I'm not much help on this one..

Anyone knows how to solve this problem? It's very annoying when you can't scale models

I would email support with problem and screenshot. Hopefully Martin or Nizzy can help you out..