Reverbs, vibrations and waving patterns on printings

Hello to all and good printings.

I’m using the 3D Jake Magic Colour PLA and I’ve these waving patterns coming out on the surface.
From my experience these are coming from the belts steps and the vibrations of the step motors.

Did someone had same issues and find any solution?

I would like to try to:

  1. Slow down printing speed
  2. Mount the feet dampers (Zortrax M200 vibration damper feet by dromlada - Thingiverse)
  3. Try to put silicone rubber on axis step motors as dampers

Third step I think is really difficult to do…


Have you had any improvments? I have also noticed a waving pattern on my prints. I’ve tried both Z-PLA and PrimaValue PLA. I didn’t have the issue with Z-Ultrax.

I have the latest software on both Z-Suite and firmware on the M200+.

First I thought it could be due to moisture in the filament, but since I’ve tried 3 different which 2 are new from store, it can’t be it.
I have also changed nozzle just in case it was clogged.
Have also checked all axis.

Hi, quick answer, not yet. I didn’t had the time to check what causes the waving.
I need to print with another filament the same file, also I’m thinking that the Z-Suite slicing could be the problem.
Since the M200Plus with the cover is heavier than the M200 without it, I think that the feet dampers could break so I’m stacked on what to do.