Rhino 5 / BoltGen 1.84 - Easy threads and screws


I'm using Rhino 5 in combination with Boltgen to create threads and screws. Boltgen is a free plugin to create either screws or threadcutters.

Boltgen can be downloaded either

here: http://www.mcvanaero.com/boltgen.html


here: http://www.food4rhino.com/app/boltgen-manuals

After creating a threadcutter, in my case a 10mm M6-1 (Std) threadcutter, you need to rescale the threadcutter with the option threadcutter-scaler a little bit.

Material: Z-Ultrat, 0.19 layer, rescaled to:

- 1.15 - screw is going easily through the thread.

- 1.10 - screw has a little resistance

- 1.08 - screw has more resistance, like a self-locking nut.

A .zcode file / 3dm file and some pics will follow...