Right printer version input on Z-Suite?


Since Z-Suite 0.0.7 we have to input the hardware version, v.1 the ball screw, v.2 the lead screw.

My printer have the second so I put v.2, but... at "information" on the printers panel I have v.1

What I am suppose to do?

I keep putting v.2, thinking that this is a bug, am I right?

(btw, what is the v.3?)

If you have a ball screw with bearing block on the top put 1 or 3. If you have a lead screw (with small brass nut and no bearing on the top) put 2.

The software setting basically only sets the correct pitch value for the respective z screw version. So don’t worry too much what your display says…in doubt go by the screw type.

I have the lead screw, brass nut and no bearing block. Software information says V1 ...

Then still use V2 in zsuite. Otherwise your z height will be slightly off.

It seems that there were some printers in the hardware transition period that still had v1 main boards but already the V2 lead screw.