Ripple effects on flat surface


Hello all,

I’ve ripple issues on flat surface on 2 of my M200s.

This is external ABS that I use to print 24/7, I guess my settings are fine (I can share but pretty sure this is not the reason of my issue).

  • Happens with different rolls.
  • The issue doesn’t occurs with my M300. (With same settings)

Here’s what I’ve replace:

  • Hotend
  • Nozzle
  • Thermocouple

All fans are working fine (tested with the fan test menu) and all the printers are fully covered.

Does anyone have an idea of the origin of the problem? A way or suggestion where I can search/replace ?

Thanks in advance.


I have had the same issue on our M300 Plus.

We are also using external ABS and I found that lowering the extruder temp by 5 Degrees pretty much resolved the issue for us.


Hello NHDWX,

Thanks for your reply.

What is weird is that I use to print with this material 24/7 and never experienced this issue before.