Robotic arm on Zortrax Web site

Is it possible to get the stl file for that.

Really looks cool and I would like to build it.

It was supposedly going to be available months ago, so it's probably not worth holding your breath. I'm sure it will be available soonday. 

Perhaps it was actually printed with an Ultimaker 2...  :D

I am joking, do I?  :rolleyes:



That’s not the same one but somebody made his own one inspired by zortrax one. Maybe you’d find it interresting:


that does look real close.

I think I will give it a try

The designer might be the same Andreas that has posted here before.  He seems to be improving the design steadily and it would probably be worth checking his YouTube channel for an idea of what pitfalls he ran into with that design.


Myduino (malaysian reseller) got source files for Zortrax arm somewhere.

Hello everyone

As it goes about the models, we're preparing a model base which will contain the famous Zortrax robotic arm in it ;).

So please try to be patient a little bit more, as the base is going to be ready soon.



Hey Chris, just thought I'd see if there was an update on the robotic arm files. Would love to print and build it!

This seems to be really old topic but files are still out there and I printed assembled already. The typical Nema17 motors seem to weak and cannot left arm from end stops so wondering which motors Zortrax used. Do I need ones with gearhead?