Rotate greyed out in Z-Suite 1.12.2?

I'm sure it's me, but I can't figure out how to rotate my model before printing in Z-Suite.

When I click on the Rotate tool, everything is greyed out. If I put numbers in the x, y, or z boxes they immediately return to 0.000 when I leave the box.

I can rotate my model before making the .STL file, but I thought it was supposed to be possible to rotate the model in Z-Suite to control the printing orientation.

What am I doing wrong? See screenshot.


Hi Dave!

Please click the right mouse button on the model. Then the rotate tool will be active again.

Thanks; that was it.

Obviously I didn't find this intuitive - not sure why I should need to right-click.

BTW, this forum seems to have some virus - one of those "your computer is infected" scam things popped up here earlier. (Chrome handles it pretty well, but it's annoying). You might want to look into https - that should eliminate a lot of this sort of thing. 

Does it happen always at the same link?

To be honest I've never encountered such problem. Maybe you have some kind of malware on your own PC. The forum doesn't seem to have one.