Rotate - Place by face



When I use the option Rotate / Place by face, instead of what’s supposed by the feature “Rotate”, the part is MIRRORED. Guys, come on… And I’ve read the “info” section. It is what is supposed to happen, so not a bug. But if I wanted a mirror, I would do so in my CAD software, or under a Mirror feature in your Z-Suite.

That’s days of printing gone for nothing!
I’ve never seen a 3D printing software doing a mirror by default when you just want to choose the face that will be facing down.


Hi @UgoCala,

are you sure that you did not accidentally click on “flip” button? Or Because it is impossible that the model would be mirrored instead of being rotated. Also, when you choose “place by face” option - the selected face of the model will placed on the platform’s surface. The function works as intended.

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Yes, I did use the “place by face”. And yes it did place the selected face on the platform’s surface.
But no, I wouldn’t say “it worked as intended” -> when the face you want to place on platform is facing upward and you use “place by face” it doesn’t rotate it 180°. Instead it’s mirrored.

If I want to have my face facing downward instead of upward it doesn’t mean I want to mirror the geometry (which can make your part completely useless when you need it to fit with other parts non-mirrored for example…).
Seems pretty obvious to me.

I actually showed it to several of my coworkers after printing, and they were all like “that’s completely stupid”.
And I can tell you I’ve used several 3D printers (both professional and hobbyist ones), and I’ve never seen the function “place by face” working as yours.

If you don’t agree with me, I invite you to look at Markforged software or Cura software. Or even search in your forum and see I’m not the only one who got my part messed up by “place by face” mirroring instead of rotating.

Btw, kind of off the topic, but we also have Markforged and Dagoma printers at the office and none is leaving holes as Zortrax one in our prints (in “sharp” corners for example). Seems like your filling trajectories could need a bit of correction.



thank you for the explanation and providing more information. Could you please send us an .stl of one of the models you are having problems with? Also, it would be really helpful if you could record a video showing how you use the option and how the model behaves then. We will look further into the matter.