Rubbish doors and sides

just set up my brand new …and lets face it…expensive… m300 dual
all looks good apart from the fact that the sides and door are such awful cheap terrible quality …
the door does not even seal to the body ….there is a 6mm gap at the top edge!
surely this is not right? c mon zortrax I expect better for the money


Hi, @parakartracer.

In such cases it is recommended to directly contact your local Reseller or us via support form.

Yes I agree. For the flagship machine the doors and sides are really not good enough. Neither are the rubber feet.
Over time the doors and sides warp out, the clear windows fall out the frames, the steel strips on the door used to stick to the magnets fall off. etc

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I completely agree, this always happens also with my M200 and M200 Plus.
We want better attention to details, Zortrax 3D printers are not cheapy!

Thank you all for your remarks.
I will pass them to our specialists, so they can look into that.

While long prints are take in to account we’ve discovered that the side covers are bending under the temperature inside of the printer and not all latches are fix to the printer frame anymore. In consequence we have lack of tightness and it might be a reason of warping the models?. Doors are bending as well :confused: We put the probe to the printer and we’re measuring the temperature inside with the HEPA cover and max what we measured was 45*C

the doors are absolute rubbish
they bend, are floppy, and the magnetic catches fall off … i’ve moaned about them several times here…I end up gaffa taping mine closed on really long prints… which is ridiculous…and shouldn’t be necessary… as we all say for a £5k machine this isn’t good enough… cmon zortrax upgrade the doors for us all please??