Save as not working


application version

Save As command does not respond.

I open a recent project. Make changes select “save as” from the file menu and nothing happens.

Save will work.

Save as will work on a new project.

Windows 10 64-bit

M200 printer



We tried to recreate the problem on our side, but everything works fine. Also, we have not received similar reports yet. Our software specialist suspects that there might be a problem with accessing a given catalogue (you will not be able to save other files there as well), or there is some other problem with your system. Still, you can try reinstalling Z-SUITE.

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I have the same problem sometime.


I can not figure out what causes or how to reproduce. At least I am not the only one seeing it.


Reviving this topic because I have the issue for the longest time. Im saving my projects on Dropbox, maybe thats the issue?

Save as mostly bug, but sometimes it works.