Scratches on the Build Platform

Hi ,I recently purchased the Zortrax printer and started printing some models.

After I finish printing, I remove the printed model with a spatula.

My problem is that the model is usually really stuck on the heated build platform and I already managed to make some scratches on the build platform with the spatula.

How can I prevent that?

Are you scraping with the flat side of the scraper up or down?  My understanding is that the flat side should be down.  I try to hold it so that the blade is at a very shallow angle to the platform so that the sharp edge has less tendency to "dig" in to the platform coating.

Yes flat side down.. Bevel up. Check edge of scraper to make sure it not gouged. If so, rub flat side on sandpaper lightly to resharpen.

Just to point out that the spatulas that ship nowadays (with the Zortrax logo on them) don’t actually have a flat side like a chisel they have both sides ground . Like a bolster.

Whether this makes it a little harder I’m not sure?



I received my machine 4 days ago and the spatula has nothing on it It's just black and does have a flat side.

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Side Up

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Side Down (side in contact with bed)