Screw and Spring sizes on Heated bed platform

What size are the crews used for the 3 leveling points?

What size is the springs used for the 3 leveling points?

These are ISO 7380 M3 x 25 mm screws, also known as button head screws.

Springs are 15 mm long, spring diameter is 9 mm and wire thickness is 1 mm.


P7072706 (Medium).JPG

Are you building your own Zortrax? lol (You owe me the answer cuz I had to calibrate my printer again. :ph34r:)

The issue I am having is the back leveling screws are as tight as they can be in order to level.

I purchased a new perforated bed and it is twice the thickness of the original.

I can not use it unless I take the magnets of and put washers of thinner magnets.

What I intend on doing is replacing the screws and the magnet.

I have found a magnet set that is the same size but has a indent where a pan head screw would fit into. (Apex magnets)

The new V2 board should fit just fine without any type of modifications. If it doesn't, chances are that you have something set incorrectly. 

I think you need to refresh your knowledge on bed leveling because you are doing it wrong.

The screws are not meant to be tightened down at all hence the Spring's.

I am not tightening the screws from the top.

I am using the threaded nut below the bed.

The springs in the back are compressed completely.

Screw thru Magnetic washer, Spring around screw below the magnetic washer.

Bed frame below that screw thru it nut below the bed.

I purchased 3 perforated boards. 2 from Zortrax, 1 from 3rd party vendor

The one from 3rd party vendor is twice as thick as the Zortrax ones.

So I have a total of 4 perforated boards now. Thought I would save time cleaning heat plate.

Problem is to level the bed with the Zortrax supplied boards I have to tighten the back leveler as tight as it goes.

To put the third party one in I need 1/8" of room. ( Need to be able to go 1/8" lower on the bed or the extruder hits the bed and tips)

So my though process was get thinner washers (That was before I found that they were magnetic)

Next I looked for a thinner magnet. I found magnet with the same external dimensions as those supplied by Zortrax but the center hole is countersunk.

Hence the need to know the screw size so I could get screws that would fill the countersunk magnetic washers and then be flush with the top of the magnetic washer

What is the reason that you think the plate is mounted to high? The placement rods don’t need to be above the plate surface.

I guess I also have to question your entire premise; how would swapping 16 screws be quicker than popping the print off and starting a new one?