Screw size for extruder motor and extruder clips?



I lost 2 screws to my extuder motor and never had the 3 screws in the back of my m200 for the ribbon cable guide.

Could someone tell me what these screw sizes are?

Would be great if there were a list of screw sizes all over the printer as I’m sure I’m not the only one looking for this kind of information.




As for the extruder motor - these are Flat Head Screws M3x16mm.

3 screws at the back of the M200 - can you take a picture of the screws you are referring to, please? Because the extruder cable clamps are mounted on a double-sided tape.

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So there’s 3 of these holes on the back, in a vertical line. There’s many models out there to use these screw holes to hold clips for the extruder cable.