SD Card files or total file name characters?

I've started to see an issue with the SD cards on all 6 of my M200s and I'm curious to know if it's the total number of files on the cards or if it's the total number of characters in pulling the file listing (programmatically) that I'm running up against.  I have an ever increasing inventory of current parts that I keep on all of the SD cards (to print on demand) and I've noticed that I must be hitting some kind of limit because the scroll file selectors don't work unless I delete some files. Is there a known file limit or total file name characters on the development side? I'd hate to think I've outgrown my SD cards.............  Kind Regards, - David

I have one of my original Zortrax SD cards that had 150 files on it and it stopped scrolling, I can read and copy the files on my PC but in my M200 the scroll knob does nothing. I moved 30 files off the card to see if it would work but it is the same. I tried going back to 10.4 with the same result. I moved all the files off the SD card and saved a new job from z-suit and it worked fine. I copied 30 of the original files I had on that SD card and it is working as normal, scrolling down the menu all files as normal. I copied all the files I had back on the SD card and the problem was back, No Scrolling. I deleted 60 files and the card is working again. I am not sure if it is a SD card issue, a corrupt file issue as some times I insert that SD card I get a #002 error.

My testing shows that 128 files is the limit. Anything more than that and it won't let you scroll to select a file. I am NOT HAPPY at the prospect of having to maintain a second set of SD cards for our 6 M200s and constantly swapping cards to gain access to our "on-demand" print catalog. Would love to hear this is an arbitrary limit that is easily fixable....... and soon. 

This issue has a beard from here to the moon David. I reported that 17 months ago and they did NOTHING.

This issue has a beard from here to the moon David. I reported that 17 months ago and they did NOTHING.

Thank you for confirmation countdigit. Not what I wanted to hear but at least now I can move forward with separating my zcode files intelligently across multiple SD cards and printing a little bin to affix to the front of each M200. Since the problem's been untouched for 17 months I'd better plan ahead and print a bin for 4 SD cards per printer and I'll just plan to use an SD replicator every couple of days to keep everything in parity. Sometimes technology just doesn't seem to move fast enough. ;-/

Good news is that name brand (Transcend) 2 GB SD cards are less than $5 these days.

I was concerned about them being SD and not SDHC but I tested here in house w/ a 1 GB SD card and it worked fine in the M200.   -David

Here's my quick solution to the 128 file limit per card......... 4 color coded SD cards to divide the "zcode" print jobs intelligently. Card rack is applied with double-stick tape.