Seam Problem

A hello from Austria,

I have been a proud owner of a M200 for 3 weeks. The quality impressed me very much. Almost perfect pressure.

My big problem is the seam. I've had a 3d printer in front of the current one and that's where I worked with Cura. And I never had anything like the Zortrax. I have no idea what that should be good for. I have already seen tips that you should position the object differently. I did that and the result was that he produced the seam in another place. Also on "coincidentally" I have it set. But then he produces it everywhere in small pieces. Funny is that he shows me the seam already in the preview. Now I'm just trying to make the model with Slic3r in a GCode and then convent it with G2Z in Z-Code. He print it, but unfortunately not in the quality as in Z-Suite. But probably only a matter of attitude.

You can only choose between the 2 settings or? Or can i delete the seam?

I’ll send you some pictures of what I’m talking about. I’m sorry, I work in german, so the settings are in german.

If anyone has tipps or a solution, then I would be very grateful. Unfortunately I can not send you the file itself, because of data rights.

Thanks for your help

Best regards

ok I think I have found a reasonably good solution. I have now added a thin line to an edge. I broke it off after printing and treated it slightly. Slightly ran and then carefully and quickly with a lighter over it. Looks so good. The 3d printer is looking for the outermost edge for the seam. In that case just this. Otherwise, no Seam on the whole object, except at the edges.