Selfrepair Printhead Inventure V2

Hello Karolina,

i gave my Zortrax Inventure Printer to my son and he made lots of prints with it with no problem. But now he had a material jam in the print head and wanted to repair the print himself and something went wrong.

I’m going to repair the print head now and need two replacement parts. The STL print file for the block in the picture on the far right and the plastic part in the picture in the middle would be nice.


Could you please help me so we don’t have to buy a new print head.

Greetings from Tyrol

I received a copy these STL files from another Inventure owner who had the same problem. They didn’t come from Zortrax, he created them from scratch in Fusion 360 because like you, he didn’t want to have to buy a new extruder. As yet, I’ve never had a need to print them. Hope they might help sort out your problem.

Inventure Feed Intake Bottom.stl (1.3 MB)
Inventure Feed Intake Top.stl (211.0 KB)

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Hello JRL,

thank you very much for the parts, it looks like perfect.

best regards