Selling my M300... why?

Well I'm about to sell my M300. If somebody is interested contact me! It's like new and I just changed the hotend (another spare hotend is in the "box").

But why am I selling this lovely machine you may ask?

Well I don't want to bash Zortrax in any way but in my opinion the only material that can be printed without warping with this size was PLA (yes and there's a special ABS-S but not enough colors for me). But PLA does out of the box absolutely not work with the Zortrax machines imho. At least not without using another slicer, without another hot end, without etc... 

The machine is really well built and for somebody who needs to print more instances of an object at once it may be a great solution. And I was also able to print large scaled objects without an issue.... but... well yes but  :wacko:  :blink:  :o  :huh:

What use for your large objects?
Have you tried the ASA filament?
No deformation on large parts (on the M200 in any case). Very solid filament with a nice finish
Filamentum ( offers 8 colors
Question: How do you remove very large and tall objects from the 30 x 30 cm aluminum plate?
It's already so difficult sometimes with the M200 ! The spatula is much too short
And if you want to remove the aluminum plate and can not see (because of the object) the connector at the back, could damage the wires and connectors !?

There's a large spatula comming with the M300... never had an issue to remove the objects... didn't even remove the plate... 

And they brought small and large connectors together with the M300... plate removal is much easier as with the M200...

If you are worrying about materials range on M300, I suggest you to wait till end of June, then decide if you are still going to sell your machine. 

What is end of june? Simplify3D support?

May be PLA/PHA announced a long time ago !

What is end of june? Simplify3D support?

Its not going to happen, ever (officialy) its more like wider material range. 

May be PLA/PHA announced a long time ago !

Maybe :) 

Its not going to happen, ever (officialy) its more like wider material range. 

Maybe :)

Saw 2 tweets from Zortrax with below text today.

1) The new materials getting out of the shadow! Z-PLA Pro presented on #zortraxexperience confererence. And that's not all..

2) The participants of #zortraxexperience while checking out the features of the latest Z-SUITE 2.0.


seeeeriously… wow… just cancelling my M300 auction 🤣

Think its for zortrax inventure only?

Think its for zortrax inventure only?


Inventure will have a range of Z-PLA and the M200 and M300 will have Z-PLA Pro as well as a range of another new material

Z-PLA - Inventure

Z-PLA Pro - M200/M300

Z-ASA Pro - M200/M300

Z-Suite 2.0 Beta is going to be available on 17th July

what is Z-ASA?

like this :

or this :

very good filaments for exterior, very easy to print on large scale with the M200

I hope there will be many colors or those of Zortrax

thanks... read into the topic now and I guess this Z-ASA is the stuff my dreams are made of :)

I hope there will be many colors or those of Zortrax

Maybe not such much as Ultrat has already but you should be satisfied

Great for ASA filament!

I'd really like to rename this topic because meanwhile everything changed  B)

Could fix the uneven build plate with a workaround and Zortrax will send me a new one (Support is absolutely fantastic. Fast, friendly and competent).

ABS prints (even superlarge) stick wonderful to the bed with the ABS-juice.

So finally a happy end...

PS: concerning my z-suite complaints: sometimes I'm using z-tools now with simplify3d... works great but I hope z-suite 2 will make that obsolete ;)