Selling Zortrax


               okay I have had a good run with my 3D printer, but I'm on rough times and its a luxury more than a necessities and am ready to part with it. The hand full of times i used it performed as expected until recently it was having hiccups so i sent to zortrax, they did maintenance and got it back to working order. It comes with all the tools, sd card, and extra parts such as the pref board, fans, nozzles, lube, and an extra z step motor. Along with 2 and 3/4ths a spool of white filament. if it goes for more than $1550.00 free shipping


Hi, I'm interested, are you still selling it?


yes the item is still for sale im trying to relist for lower price of 1500 + shipping.


Which is the hardware version of the printer?


It’s a v2 bought back in May


Send me an email at please! I am interested!