Separating Layers M200 Issue

Bought 2 new M200 printers and I experience this issue from time to time, it does not make a difference if I calibrate the platform or not, it just happens randomly. Please if anyone had any similar issues or know of a solution i would be very grateful.
Thank you

Hi, @Maciekd.

What material do you use?
Can you send some pictures showing how the model should look like?
Did you use proper angle of supports for the model?

Hi there I use Z hips and have been for around 18 months, I have 4 m200 printers, 4 m300, 1 m200+ And 1 m300+, I have been using 40 degrees angle of support for all my models and never had any issues, im sure this will also print fine, I have calibrated the plate however something is making the layers print higher and do not stick together it looks like they just lay on top of each other loose rather than melting into each other.

Does this issue appear only on one of your M200s?
Please, make sure that all cables are properly connected (especially platform cable).
Make sure that you have the newest firmware installed too.