Serial Number not working PLEASE HELP!

hello everybody , i just got my zortrax today, but when i want to download z-suite and put in my serial number it says incorrect number.... i used the serial number from: Main menu > Information > Serial Number. that sucks.... i have already written to support but maybe i`m getting a faster response here.....  thx 

Hello Silvio

I've got the same problem : I received my Zortrax today :) (nice printer) but my serial number (given by the printer) is not recognized on the web site Zortrax and I can't download the Z suite Programs ... If someone has a solution to this problem - thanks

I'm sure support will help you. There is no quick fix to this. The number probably has to be activated in their system and somehow it got mis entered, I'm sure. 

Is the Serial number on the box the same as the one on the unit?

yeah, its the same... hopefully they fix it soon, cause ballbearing and carabiner are already printed :) looks good!

i think you have to write in uppercase

I am exactly in situation like you Silvio - also I am from Austria :)

I got my printer today (after long time waiting) and the Serial number doesnt work - a little bit frustrating now.........

Did you buy your printer from 3Dee?

Contact with our Support at

Yes Clemes, servus :)  i bought it @ 3dee....


Servus zurück!

Hopefully soon Zortrax will enable us to download zsuite and we can start with our projects...........

@ Igor - Zortrax staff.

I have contacted Zortrax support already.

Please solve this problem soon.

I got my printer last Thursday and had the same problem , I tried near 10 times and it kept saying incorrect serial number ... the 2 at the begining of the serial number was in fact a Z ... the display just couldnt show it clearly

 Hallo Silvio & Clemens !

Servus aus Tirol !


i just spoke with the shop, they are in contact with zortrax an have a solution where we will get a new serial number in the next 24hours... fingers crossed..

Have just ran into the same Problem, I just cant believe they don't give you the files on the provided SD Card. After waiting for the printer for over a week now i can not use it. I ordered mine off amazon and im in the USA. 


It is fixed now.

Best Regards