Serial number not working

Not exactly sure where to post this.

Just received my printer. When I try to enter my serial number to use the software, it says it is an invalid serial number. The website store does not recognize it for filament order either.

There is a label on the bottm of my printer that says:



That is not my real serial number the “X” represents letters, and the “1” represents numbers

All the letters are in upper case. I have tried entering them all uppercase and lowercase with the same results.

Also, the power supply on mine arrived not attached to the bottom of the printer. When you put it in place you can see where the holes in the bottom of the printer line up with mounting holes in the power supply, but they have no screws in them. When I lifted it out of the shipping box, the power supply just hung by the cords. Does anyone know what size screw is needed to attache the power supply?

That’s the second printer now with that issue…

Sure the screws aren’t broken off?

The screws don’t appear to be broken off, just not there. It doesn’t look like they were ever installed. There are no scratches or anything that you might expect of they were installed and then broken off.

However, mine was apparently chosen by customs to be opened and inspected. I know this because there is a label attached to the box, and the bottom of the box was open and resealed with tape that says " Opened and resealed for Customs Purposes".

I don’t know if that has anything to do with it. You would think they could read the UP and arrow on the outside of the box and open from the top.

I am not so worried about the screws. That is an easy problem. Right now, I can’t even test to see if it works since the software doesn’t recognize my serial number. I also verified that the number on the bottom of the machine is the same as the one on the box.

Send me please your serial number on PM or

Best Regards,


Just tried sending it by PM. Let me know if it doesn’t come through.

OK, well sort of good news. Looking at the serial number I sort of came up with an idea on different letter and number combinations based on my serial number. I managed to get the software to open.

Will try to print something tomorrow.

Could you please inform us about your idea ? How did you make it work ? Maybe some of us will have the same issue. Thanks.

What I thought was that if someone was writing down a serial number, then entering it into a system to be programmed and printed, there are common letter and number mistakes that are easy to make such as 1 instead of I or 8 instead of A. So I took my serial number and started replacing the common mistakes.

However, to be honest, since the number I came up with will still not work on the site to order filament, I think there is just a limit to the wrong answers and then the software just comes up. I haven’t tried to print anything yet. I will do so later today.

I will say that I posted the problem here and sent an email to Both asked for my serial number. Once I sent it I have heard nothing else from either. It does not give me a very good feeling about their support or their 3d printer. If I had not been one of the kickstarter backers I would definitely wait to purchase one to see if this improves. I might just have to unbox my old printer again.

You have a very bad attitude from the beginning:

Your serial number which you sent to us is correct.

You have wrote here that you solved your serial number problem (which I was think was user error to use l instead of 1 etc.) and after checking serial number which you provided it is 100% correct.

Your serial number will work for the filament orders just we have to update script for orders - webmaster will be pushed for it tomorrow.

Best Regards

I’m sorry you think I have a very bad attitude.

Let’s see, mine was missing screws holding the power supply in. Yesterday I responded to both requests for my serial number and have received no response to either request. While checking the rest of the stuff this morning the clamps for the filament holder do not have any nuts in the bag. I have clamps, screws and no nuts to tighten the clamps.

If I understand Andre correctly, then mine wasn’t the only one with no screws holding the power supply in.

Seems to me that some customer service and quality control would solve most of the issues.

Checking further, It looks like I am supposed to remove the bolts from the back of the printer, then install the round clamps to hold the flat cable in place. So I guess I don’t need nuts for the clamps. Just have to decide if I want to roll the flat cable into a circle to use the clamps.

[quote name=dgtaylor45]I have clamps, screws and no nuts to tighten the clamps.

And here is the point about your bad attitude, again you try to blame without even checking it - the Quick Start mention only about screws (which you got) and if you try to assembly the clamps then you can see that printer housing have threaded holes and there was never nuts so this is reason of why no nuts with screws because nuts are not needed and not mentioned.

Screws are always there but due of it are plastic screws if package is shaker too many times loos as it can be easily broken and then power supply fall apart. I programming serial number on every printer personally so thing as hanging power supply without screws I can notice :slight_smile:

BTW: I have no influence on what happens with the package as it is transported by courier, or what’s going on clearance when opening the package.

This issue happen in 2-3 packages at 100 now after knowing it additional cushion is placed under power supply at shipping time.

[quote name=dgtaylor45]I will say that I posted the problem here and sent an email to Both asked for my serial number. Once I sent it I have heard nothing else from either. It does not give me a very good feeling about their support or their 3d printer. If I had not been one of the kickstarter backers I would definitely wait to purchase one to see if this improves. I might just have to unbox my old printer again.

From what I see Martin replied to your email after 5 hours. He asked you for your number of kickstarter pledge (you not answered), you sent only the serial number of your printer.

And if you posted half information on the forum and half on the mail, do not expect quick help, because we’re wasting our time to look for who you are and what the problem is. All emails answer up to 48 hours and it seems to me that you should respect that.

Your serial number was added on the shop database.

The screws will be send to you on Monday.

Best Regards,


OH, so now my bad attitude is evidenced by my post made after you state I have a bad attitude.

You state that I did not answer Martin’s email, then in the same sentence you state I only answered by sending the serial number. As far as the email from Martin I will quote what was said:

“Please write your serial number or kickstarted (sic) backer number here we will check it.”

Like you said I did send the serial number.

As far as posting half here and half on email, the first sentence of the email I sent to support stated I had been posting the questions on the forum and was not receiving an answer. I will be happy to post the entire email conversations here if you want.

An the best part of all of it is the only response I received from anyone telling me if the number was good or not was the post telling me I had a bad attitude. Until then, no one sent me anything telling me if the serial number was good or not. I don’t know why it did not work after several tries. I don’t know how I got the software to work. I just kept changing numbers until it did, but even you admit that my serial number was not in the store which was the only other way I had to try the serial number to see if it was valid.

I think this kickstarted + forum + support e-mail create big mess in communication then something went wrong :slight_smile:

dgtaylor45 - Is anything more is missing beside of 4 plastic screws which should hold the power supply ? We will shipping to you missing items.

And tomorrow we should state for all users and leave forum for chitchat the real problems and technical things plus warranty should be moved into otherwise it create misunderstandings.

Best Regards

It appears that the only things missing are the screws for mounting the power supply.

Thank You

Dear Martin,

If I may intervene, in order to help you :

The forum is not supposed to be a place where Zortrax team has to reply every 5 minutes. Otherwise, you’re right, you will be submerged by the requests.

The forum is only a way for owners and futurs owners, or fans, to share their ideas, feedbacks, issues, solutions, etc… And take care of themselves in case someone needs help.

I mean, It’s cool if Zortrax team comes sometimes to post very important informations, like giving everyone an advice, a notice, a solution good for everyone, or how to do something, etc… But you don’t have to spend too much time here.

You should see it as a way to communicate widely to a large amount of owners and fans.

As regards to Kickstarter :

–> You should definitively stop talking only on kickstarter, because now you also have people (like me or Andre) who didn’t buy on kickstarter, so we cannot communicate with you through Kickstarter.

To sum up :

For technical requests and warranty issues : email

For large communications, or large support info or to spread any information widely to everybody in the same time : your website blog, and Forum.

For when you have time, and want to chat nicely with your fans (like me ;)) : forum.

That’s why I created the forum originally on :

Maybe you saw it as competition or something, but it was not. It was a way to help you to avoid getting into details only by yourselves. On the forum, we can take care of each other between owners, and share info without bothering you.

Now, you know, this is just my advice. But you know I would be happy to help you in any way. I know communication is difficult when we create such a project, and help is needed. Let me know if I can do anything.

Cheers, and long live Zortrax !

Well that about covers that!! lol… Just be thankful you got yours. I am at the mercy of mother nature. Mine is stuck in Ohio because of bad snow storms. All I have is my beer and pics of prints from others…:smiley:

I was lurking around to find more information about the printer before making a purchase,

I am sorry to say that I will not be getting one for now.

Here is my $0.2

1st reason: We just don’t call out our customer as having a very bad attitude even if they do.

Purely not professional.

2nd reasons: serial number, If your costumer has problem with your serial number especially when you need it to get the printer working instead of pushing the blame to your customer, why not just don’t use numbers and alphabet that might confuse them?

3nd reason: No apologies? Maybe it’s a Japanese culture different thing, but I would first apologist for things not going smoothly for my customer. Screw breaking and serial number and all that… Even late postal, why?

This is my thought (If i was selling a product with the same problem),

Serial number: I didn’t think things though enough that is why my costumer got confuse.

Broken Parts: I should have used parts that is stronger or better packaging.

Postal: I made a wrong choice on postal company? (If there’s choice)


I swear I came across this coincidentally


I know you work very hard and when you see post like that it’s hard to ignore,

But if it was me, I would have thank him for the input and take thing into consideration,

or if he’s out of line just ignore it but no one wants to read that,

I would have wait it out.

criticism = improvement

I don’t know anyone here,

But I am getting negative image at the moment.

Hope my comment can be of any help if not please ignore me. :slight_smile:

ikumajp - Thanks for your feedback. Very constructive criticism :rolleyes: I’m sure, we adhere to everything you have written.