Set Carbon Filement on the Z-Suite ???


Hello Everyone, 

I wanted to use Carbon Filement for one of my model but I don't know how to set it in the external material list... 

Can anyone help me ? 

Thank's a lot ;-) 


ABS + carbon ? ; PETG + carbon ? ; NYLON + carbon ? PLA + carbon ?


Well, I guess that my probleme in fact. It said “Carbon Fiber - Natural Carbon” on it. It's one I got with the machine... I'll ask the reseller than. Thank's for the answer....



Have you found a replacement nozzle to do it with? I was told with the brass one it might be accurate for maybe 300-400grams of filament before I need a new one....


@Beninja, on the M200 plus my french reseller told me it's was ok with the brass on... But I'll double check on that...


everywhere I've read people are saying don't do it unless you have a harden nozzle, olsen ruby, etc or it will eat the nozzle fast (too abrasive).