Settings for prusa petg M200


Hi I will be using some Prusa Petg filament for printing some face shield parts, does any one have any experience of this material and any settings that work? thanks


Havent used it but I have prusa slicer program with their defaults for it. Not sure if it helps or not.

retraction distance 1.4mm
retraction speed 35mm/s
nozzle temp 250
bed temp 90 (this is much higher than zsuite default for petg; might have trouble reaching or take a long time without full enclosure. I’d probably try something like 75 and see if works first)
fan they have it set to limit to between 30-50% (but it’s for their printers. I’d try auto first in zsuite)


Thanks I’ll give it a go


For the prusament PETG on the M200 plus
Extrusion temp 245
Platform temp (glass plate) 80
Retraction speed 80 mm/s
Distance 1.8 mm
I have made 2 prusa protective face shields on the zortrax. A little bit warping on the ends.
On my prusa i3/mk3s no warping. Perfect prints on the pei sheet and powder sheet.