Shell mode face delete / exclusion


Printing in Shell mode from a manifold object is often twice as fast on the m200 Plus for certain things I print becuase there is no zigzag slowdown on the walls. Maybe it works great for vases, but only if there is a flat opening parallel to the X plane.

It would be great to be able to print manifold objects in Shell mode and selectively delete faces from the print (i.e. create an opening on a flat face that is not parallel to the X plane). A good example would be something like a straight pipe y-connector. AFAIK impossible to print in Shell mode with Z-Suite from a manifold object.

Right now I can do this by hollowing the object in 3d modelling in such a way that the slicer generates conjoined shells for inner and outer parts when in Shell print mode. But it’s a PITA when it seems like this could be done much easier in slicer-land. I have examples where this decreases print time by half.

There’s already a face selector tool for ‘Place by Face’, I would think this removes a lot of work from the implementation.

Cheers and thanks!