Shell Spiral Mode Multiple Bottom Layers


I would like the ability to choose how many bottom (Solid) layers are on a Shell spiral mode print. The option to over extrude the shell and not the base would also be convenient.


Hi Mattdrum,

In fact, when it comes to the M200 Plus/M300 Plus - you can set the bottom surface layers up to 10 in the spiral mode. You can also increase the wall thickness in the shell mode (up to 10 as well). However, thank you for your suggestions.


Why can this not be done in the M200 and M300?


We provide bug fixes and stability improvements for the M200 and M300. However, Z-SUITE 2.8.0 was the last one including updates to the profiles for Zortrax M200 and M300 3D printers. We’re focusing on developing Z-SUITE for the newest products now.