shift problem after maintenance xy axes

hi everyone

I have shift problems, so I made the maintenance of xy axes,
I could do 5 printing without problem
and now the shift is back.
anyone have any idea ??

@bounty, please fill the support form at and attach pictures/video that will show your printer (axis rods, bearings, extruder), especially if anything looks unusual.

Check Bands, did you follow the guide exactly step by step?

Disconecting motors?

Not overtighted bands?

Allen screws tightened?

I have experienced this issue and found the issue but I will need to see the printer working physically.

There's  a procedure for adequate band tension but hard to explain.


yes i follow exaclty step by step from the video that zortrax posted on youtube

I did it twice to be sure

and now i have a loud noise at startup and in the printing ===> shifted alwais

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I try but i don't have a order number so i can't go next that page 1

Tomorrow I'll send you the quick manual how to solve it.

thanks Rafal

@Rafal you have forgotten me?

@Rafal you have forgotten me?

I remember about you, but I could not get to the office. Tomorrow I'll send it to you.