Shifted layers on large prints M300 Dual



I’ve had success printing small parts but I recently printed a big model and this is the result:

There are 3 points at which the printer started a new layer in a wrong position and then continued printing in this offset position for some time. The printer had been calibrated a couple of dozen hours prior to this print. Material used was Z-PLA, the print was completely created from one spool over the weekend.

I would greatly appreciate suggested solutions to this issue since I’m lost as to why this could be happening.


Hi @Tommar,

I would recommend to start with the axes maintenance. Most of all - lubricate the rods (with silicone oil) and check if the belts (both long and short ones) are tense.

Also, is the firmware version up-to-date (2.5.9)?

Best regards,


Thanks for your reply!
For some reason this issue did not repeat after that print. We’re now calibrating the platform before each big print and we’re going to proceed with maintenance when we have some spare time. Fixed untill next occurence :wink:


Hi Tommar,

you are welcome. I am glad to hear the problem has not occurred again. However, if you come across it again - please, remember to carry out the axes maintenance, this should do the trick as well :slight_smile: