simple print goes all wrong

I printed these twice, to the right the parts I printed first. Good result (they are actually some calibration rods I am experimenting with).

Second bath: what happened here? All skewed.

As the model is exactly the same (I did not even remove the sd card) it does not look like the problem is there.

I had simular strange results yesterday, few prints gone wrong. After that I a print test cube: comes out perfect.

Please advice how to handle this.

Try to use a little of lubricant (it was in the accessories box small no-name tube).

Spread small amount of it at all smooth rods (excluding Z stage).

Best Regards

Hi Martin,

I have done that already yesterday after the first print going wrong. Then the second print went wrong, then the testcube printed correct. this morning first goes right, second fails.

Is there something wrong with the stepper motor?

Regards, Rob.

First time this issue happen, it don’t looks as any motor damage just as something create too big force at jumps when X axis jump to left side.

And please touch X/Y motors with hand is one of it is much hotter then other ?

Do you use filament guide tube ?

Best Regards

Hi Martin,

I am using the filament tube.

I lubricated again, let the machine cool down(see if that has any effect). Printing another sample gave same result.

The X and Y motors feel equaly hot at the end of the print. I can still touch them so I would guess they are 40-50 C (60 C is maximum what one can hold)

Looking at the mechanics the only other thing I can think of is that the upper belt connection of the X motor (all the way in the upper right corner at the back) might be slipping.

So I took the smallest hex-key and turned both hex-screws tighter. One seemed to give a little.

I am test printing now to see if this resolves the problem.

Regards, Rob.

Is the extruder cable binding? Maybe it was just the belt slipping some.

Thightening the screws solved it as it seems. Pfff, that was a tricky one… I am getting correct prints now.

When it is cooled down I will check all the screws in the upper mechanism and check them.

Loctite is your friend! :smiley:

I’m surprised… I would have thought the shafts have flat areas for the set screws…?