Slicer bug?

I think I found a bug in the slicer today... This was my first print using the new 0.29 layer thickness. Simple flat piece, 1.8mm thick.

On the picture you can see a diagonal strip about 4mm wide which is kinda smushed and protruding out of the surface. I couldn't understand why, so I printed the part again and watched it: the reason for the protruding strip is that the nozzle goes over this area twice on the same z height => extruding twice onto the same spot. And it happens on every layer that goes along this direction (which is every other layer). I cannot see anything wrong in the zcode in zsuite. The rest of the part is fine.

Any ideas what's going on here?

Here the zcode if someone wants to try or troubleshoot... ;)

Attachment 88 not found.

Thanks Andre, we will check it.