Slicing creates errors duplicated on printed item


I have a model I designed myself I'm trying to print. But when it is being sliced, holes are introduces which seems to come out on the print too.

Attached is a screenshot of the prepared zcode, a picture of a print result (the vertical one) and the stl file. When I choose to print the vertical (with support) it creates support to support what is basically the "flowing" upper part - they are simply not attached.

Can anyone help me and tell me what the problem is here?


That is strange! Happens here too and I tried adjusting he file


Here yo go.. It had one gap in it..Fixed it. :D


To help you figure out what went wrong with your drawing, here is where the error is. Red line is the gap. Hope this helps.8HuGXV.jpg


Thank you!

I have some idea what is wrong with the file then and how I might be able to fix it in the original file.

What application are you using to see and fix this? It might come in handy for me in the future.