Slight grinding sound when printing


every once and a while, I hear a “grinding” sound as the print head is moving on the rails when the print head is (standing in front of the machine, facing it) the left rear corner. No other place… I’ve greased the rails and the sound goes away for awhile. Has anyone else experience this. The instructions on squaring up the rails are really confusing and I’m not a mechanical engineer, so I don’t want to go mucking around the machine to tighten and loosen screws unless I know what I’m doing…any suggestions.



If greasing helped and you’re not facing any other issue, there’s no need for going through the whole axes maintenance procedure. However, please verify if the tension of the belts is ok and there’s no problem with moving the extruder head manually when the device is turned off.

Probably the rails got dry. That’s all. Please make sure you lubricate them every 400 hrs as it’s recommended in the maintenance guide:

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