Small rods

I had a guy want to print out a lot of these small pieces and I knew it wouldn't print right being the size. First the file wasn't finished and part of the object didnt print due to the vertices of rods were not attached to the whole piece. 

So I tried and got crap. I informed him of the size and issue and was told that a friend with UPs printer printed one nicely. Hmmm...ok. I can't see it if my printer can't do it nicely but ok.

Here are the pics and curious if an UPs printer can actually print it better and print a file without vertices attached. 


That thing is full of problems.. Almost every joint is messed up.. They were not modeled properly.. Overlapping solids.. What was it modeled in?

Not sure.  It was sent to me like that. I told the guy it needed completely revamped and it would take some time and thats when he said a friends UP printer printed it just fine. lol I thanked him for his time and bid my farewell. hahaha

Even it it were a good file the things are so small I can't get them to print. I had that happen with a chair file someone ordered and I designed a new chair for them that wouldn't break.

My bad. It was a Cube printer not an Up. But still.

" My friend has a small cube printer and he printed me one on it and it printed out fine."

wow... i thought cubes cant even print a simple...cube...

Makes me curious whether I was having smoke blown up my kester. Lol haha