Smoke / burning smell help


Hi @giufini

Do you have a delay in showing the progress of heathing the extruder or the bar never goes up from 0%?

After restarting the process, or the printer itself, the process works correctly, doesn’t it?

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Hello Marcin,

In a “normal situation”, I usually have a short delay of a few seconds to see the progress of heating the extruder going up, but yesterday I waited for about 40 seconds and the percentual value was still frozen at 0%, even if, as I said, after about 10-12 seconds from the start of the process, it appeared on the screen the message “Warning! Extruder is hot.”, so I suppose the heater and the sensor are working but the percentual value in not update.

Of course, I have not let the printer heating the extruder too long since I already had my previous HotEnd v3 damaged by this issue, so I can’t tell you if after several minutes the percentual value changes.

I have to add that in one case, I don’t remember if it was with firmware 2.1.2 or 2.1.3, the percentual value of heating slightly went up to a low value like 4% and then stopped anyway, and if I am not wrong, with firmware 2.1.2 and 2.1.3 it was never shown the message “Warning! Extruder is hot.” even after several seconds (but I am not completely sure about it).


I had the same problem as Giufini.

There was a lot of smoke at the hotend while loading the material, and there was a lot of variation in the teflon.
I turned off the power immediately and replaced it with a new hotend.
There is definitely a problem.
There was also a fire on my customer’s M200 Plus. It was not confirmed that the fire broke out due to this problem, but it occurred at the extruder.
The fire broke out, but Zortrax’s response was too bad. Just don’t leave the printer. For a few days?
My client doesn’t operate the printer before he leaves for fear of a fire. My customer has 10(ten) M200 Plus.
Zortrax and I may lose VIP customers.
I think Zortrax should be proactive and identify the cause of the fire.


Please check your inbox. We need additional information regarding this case.


How can this be Zortrax’s answer to this serious problem? “Don’t leave the printer” Has this error been identified in the firmware and does the new 2.1.4 have a fix? Customers that pay top dollar for printer expect better service than this.


This is why I’m selling this hunk of shit, terrible service. Z-suite is so far behind the open source slicers, the firmware is not proven and we pay a ton of money for what? The university I work at is also liquidating these machines. Zortrax WAS awesome. I bought mine new May 2019 and I’ve had nothing but software issues. and literally all zortrax has said is “ohh we know about it…”



We’re in touch with the customer via e-mail in order to solve this problem.

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